Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Budak kuat buli

We have been knowing nearly for two years now.  Knowing you is like knowing a beast that bites people all the time yet the wounds taught me about sacrifice pain in life. Haha, the jokes and sarcasm tight the us bond. The procrastinate habit of us makes us even closer and learn new thing. The relationship we had is indescribable because it is full of weirdness. Haha, for short, i miss you my only Arjuna ;)

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Teringat dulu first time terperasan orang tuuu time sem 1, trip to Malacca, and of course tak ambil peduli pun, haha. 'Just-another-boy-passing-by'. And throughout the first sem pun still kalau terserempak 'just-another-boy-passing-by' haha :p Tak pernah terfikir, tak pernah terimagine pun 'just-another-boy-passing-by' ni tetiba pulak satu kelas bila naik sem 2. Selalu kena usik dalam kelas dulu dulu. hihi. *rolling eyes* well awak, you we're 'just-another-boy-passing-by',nothing more and nothing less. Tapi tu semua duluuu, But now you are my buah hati pengarang jantungku ;)  Happy first years Anniversary NNS <3 hihi. k, malu malu (tutup muka, sambil lari berguling)

The songs sincerely come's from inside me